Dear Residents & Golf Members

Since our last communication on the pipeline, not much has changed.

Our submission has been lodged with the Department of Environment, Forestry, & Fisheries (DEFF).
RWB have been permitted permission by the DEFF, to respond to our objections to the proposed Environment Amendment (EA).

Once RWB have responded, the DEFF will make a ruling on the EA.
It remains our contention that the deviation previously approved is still applicable, and there is no reason for the pipeline to be routed through our fairways and greens.

It has also been confirmed that RWB have descoped the deviation into Woodhill from the current contractors’ scope of works.

The reason provided for descoping was due to the anticipated lengthy delay in resolving the current “dispute” to everyone’s satisfaction.

So at this stage, there is no change, although the construction of the pipeline outside Woodhill is ongoing.

We will keep you informed as the situation changes.

WCC Management

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