Cellphone 5G Towers

Dear Residents 

By now you would have seen Public Participation (PP) notices dotted across the Estate. In terms of the statutory PP, this is part of the participation requirement.

In addition to these notices, each and every impacted property owner should receive a registered letter informing them of the tower and the impacted area.

The Board approved an “in principle” decision for WPP Town & Regional Planning Consultants to proceed with the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), and to ensure compliant public participation.

The intention is to install 5 25m Tree Towers which will provide 5G coverage across the entire estate.

The Estate will benefit in that we would derive rental income from these installations.
This is however subject to final approval following the PP and submissions accordingly.
The planners are also supportive should the requirement be to move the position of the towers slightly to accommodate residents.

The Public Participation process affords residents the opportunity to lodge an objection / provide comments on the proposed installation.
Objections and / or comments are to be directed to:
The Strategic Executive Director: City Planning & Development
Reference to be used: CPD PRPX8 / 0550 / 862 Item No (33684)
Attached are the individual site layouts for each of the proposed towers.
Enquiries on this proposal may be directed to:
WCC Management