Cellphone 5G Towers Update

Dear Residents 

Following on from our previous communication regarding the PROPOSED Cellphone towers, it has become apparent that this is a highly emotive subject.
In order for the PUBLIC PARTICIPATION process to be complied with, each and every person is welcome to lodge their objection / comments formally.
It is imperative that this is done formally to ensure each objection is lodged and can be responded to.

The process is as follows:

  1. Click on this link ( CityP_Registration@tshwane.gov.za ) to open the email addressed to The Strategic Executive Director: City Planning & Development.
  2. Copy and paste the following emails into the CC line of the email:
    1. pierre@wpplanning.co.za
    2. gerik@wpplanning.co.za
    3. katie@wpplanning.co.za
  3. Copy & Paste the following into the SUBJECT line of the email: CPD PRPX8 / 0550 / 862 Item No (33684)
  4. Type your objections into the content of the email, and press send.

The HOA have no mandate to object on individuals behalf, as the process requires formal PUBLIC PARTICIPATION.
The HOA provided an “in principle approval” for the PUBLIC PARTICIPATION process to proceed – NO DECISION NOR APPROVAL on the installation has been given nor can it be given without the FULLY COMPLIANT PUBLIC PARTICIPATION being completed.
The HOA have no vested interest and can only guide residents on the formal process to be followed.
The formal process will determine the outcome and decision.
Included in this communication are the proposed sites of the 5 towers.
Impacted residents within 500m of these towers should have been formally notified via registered post, including the process defined above, to lodge objections.
The HOA has no control over the distribution of these registered letters.
Should you not have received your registered notice, you can still use the process defined above to object / comment.
Should you have enquiries you can direct these to any of the 3 emails described under item 2 above.

WCC Management