W8R App

Dear Residents

We are excited to announce that Woodhill Estate will introduce and start making use of the W8R solution system for your health, safety, and convenience when placing food delivery orders.

To register please follow these steps:
  1. Confirm participation by responding to this email with your name, stand number including physical address, and management will provide you with your unique QR code.
  2. Download the W8R App from the App Store or Google Play Store.
  3. Scan your unique personalised QR code when received and place your order.
  4. The same system is operational at the restaurants – make sure to scan the QR code provided on the table to place and pay for your order
W8R uses the secure payment gateway called Paystack so your card details are kept in the application and safe, entered once on the App, you won’t be requested to add these details again.

W8R will deliver your unique QR code on a fridge magnet but until that time please print and scan your code – as received from management after confirming your participation to register.
WCC Management