CCTV Installation – Woodhill

Dear Residents 

Given the current security configuration Woodhill has been very fortunate in the past 6 years not to have any reported criminal activity within the Estate. The previous upgrades to our Security systems and operations has proved to be very successful. XONE  Security’s primary function lies at the Estate perimeter, gates and control room. Security patrols within the Estate do not form part of the Security contract. This leaves the streets and golf course pretty much unattended to, areas where we face constant challenges. We have embarked on a programme of continuous improvement which includes updated technology and controls which will be used to monitor various aspects of the Estate security.

As you noticed, the CCTV monitoring system is being installed in Woodhill drive and will be utilised for monitoring the Main Road and all intersections. The capability of the CCTV cameras will allow the WHOA to, amongst others, monitor and enforce speeding, identify criminal entry to the Estate via licence plate recognition to vehicles which has been flagged by the SAPS, narrow down these flagged vehicles to a certain area and allow the SAPS to be able to trace such vehicles to a specific area etc. Artificial intelligence will be utilised to monitor movement inside the Estate with regards to estate rules, golf carts movement, vandalism, delinquency and more.

The aesthetic aspect is being considered to provide a possible solution to “blending” the installation in with the overall look and feel of the estate.

It is in the interest of the safety and security of our residents and their families, that this enhanced technology can be utilised very efficiently to report to authorities and to deter and monitor movement in the Estate with regards to the Estate rules. The system will not have a 24/7 surveillance officer monitoring movement but will be utilised by the Estate Manager only upon review of enquiries and complaints. Information recorded on the system is in all ways treated as confidential and only accessed by Management upon request.

This entire project relies on the capabilities of technology and, in addition to the current Security function, adds value to the interest of safety and security of the Woodhill Estate residents, families and visitors.

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Woodhill Management

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