Resident Update - Culling of Egyptian Geese

Dear Residents

The WHOA takes note of concerns on social media groups pertaining to the control of the over-population of Egyptian Geese on the Estate. Please be advised that steps we take to manage the Egyptian Geese over-population is not taken lightly and is managed within the requirements of the law and as humanely possible. It is not and never will be our intention to fully eradicate the geese from Woodhill. We are however investigating alternative less aggressive methods to control this over-population of the geese. It is very important for us to understand the impact the specie has on our environment as well as on other bird species in general. Interesting information on Egyptian Geese is widespread and readily available on the internet. The WHOA will never proceed to act in an inhumane manner and the decision to control the over-population will always be done following strict protocols and within the prescripts of the law. The WHOA remain committed to ensure our birds and wildlife are protected and contribute to the amazing environment we reside in.

Woodhill Management

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