Gate Construction - IMPORTANT NOTICE

Dear Residents, Members 

Please be advised of the very important dates pertaining to the closure of the Security access gates construction. Due to the replacement of the roofs with steel beams and such being very extensive and dangerous, and keeping the safety of our residents and visitors in mind, both the Garsfontein and St. Bernard gates will be closed at certain dates for the entirety on those dates.
The affected gates lanes will be closed entirely, and residents are advised to plan their travelling in accordance with the below table. The closure of the two gates will not take place at the same time but closure of the gates will have an adverse effect on the traffic flow at the remaining gates. The WHOA once again appeals for your patience and assistance during this project and apologises for the inconvenience it causes.

Due to the infrastructure challenges at the contractor’s gate, no exit vehicles can be handled through this gate. During the times of the closure of entrance gates, the contractors gate shall remain open to handle entry into the estate.

Woodhill Management

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