Golf Course Greens

Dear Woodhill Members

Management wishes to confirm that we are aware of the poor condition of the greens. The current underlying black layer is the main culprit which has caused damage to the greens. The main cause of this black layer is moisture which sits for a prolonged period – mainly due to the 380mm of rain we received in February.
The team is pro-actively spraying a chemical which causes the black layer to flake off, the second of three applications have successfully been done, and the final application is scheduled for this week. In addition, we have also put down a granular fertilizer last week to strengthen the greens. This unfortunately takes approximately 10 days to fully take effect. The fertilizer was applied last week Wednesday, 22 March. We are in the process of seeding 10 bags of bent seed, the exercise successfully commenced this morning. Once the bent germinates which should be within 7 to 10 days from seeding, it will tremendously help in thickening up the damaged areas.
Our dusting program will also be adjusted to apply a bit more sand to smooth out any rough patches on the surface. The team is very confident and can give assurance that the greens will be restored within 2 weeks.

In addition to the cultural practice on the greens, we are addressing all other aspects through the golf course to ensure the condition is brought back to the standard our members and visitors have become accustomed to.

With warm regards and continuous golfing spirit.

Woodhill Management

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