Woodhill Golf Newsletter - September 2023

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Woodhill Country Club Golf Newsletter

Golf Joke of the Month

A guy on vacation finishes his round and goes into the clubhouse.

The head pro says, “Did you have a good time out there?” 
The man replied, “Fabulous, thank you.”
“You’re welcome,” said the pro. “How did you find the greens?”
“Easy. I just walked to the end of the fairways and there they were.” 


Close to a month has passed since the annual hollow tining was completed. General growth and coverage on all the greens are back to standard expectation and our Course Superintendent is satisfied with the overall result. The first official rain measured for this season was 25mm and we hope that this will continue securing us great putting surfaces this coming summer.

The WCC Paddle courts have been approved by the Estate HOA. Positioning of the four courts is next to the current chipping green. Construction and earth moving activities will be taking place in the coming weeks and we urge members to take precaution when making use of the chipping facilities. 

Fishing at Woodhill has been on the rise with several juniors growing a passion for fishing. The estate is known to have some of the best Koi-Carp breeds in our own waters. We ask all fishermen to only use the designated safe zones during golfing hours and to respect the right of way for golfer as impact from a golf ball can have devastating consequences.

The annual Spirit Cup final leg is taking place on 28 October 2023, sharing the day with the rugby world cup final. We look forward to a great event and fantastic festivities. There are a number of teams in the running for the title and I am positive we will see good scoring.


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Upcoming events October 

•    11/10/23 Senior Golf Society group
•    12/10/23 NMI Toyota
•    16/10/23 – Verti drain
•    26/10/23 – TUT Golf Day
•    28/10/23 – Spirit Cup

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