COT & Service Delivery Challenge

Dear Residents,

COT & Service Delivery Challenge
As you would have been made aware we have been continuously engaging with the CoT Mayor and his team on driving a service delivery improvement within the confines of our beautiful estate.
The services infrastructure has not been regularly maintained by CoT and we continue to face serious headwinds in driving them to deliver on the services we pay for.
We recently (30th January 2024) met with City Manager, Mr Johan Mettler and his senior team responsible for our ward and estate. The meeting was purely operational and we agreed on a collaborative approach to ensure ALL outstanding issues are addressed.
These issues include streetlights, roads, markings, signs, stormwater, verge maintenance etc. The CoT team committed to conducting an urgent assessment, and then to provide us with a detailed action plan (who, what, when) to address. We understand there will be some budget constraints but our collaborative approach may alleviate some of this.
Importantly we addressed the informal settlement namely Cemetery View. CoT are fully aware and have issued a tender for relocating these inhabitants. 
More pressing and urgent however is the air pollution and environmental pollution disseminating from the waste management by these inhabitants. This has been previously addressed with them including obtaining an interdict to desist. CoT have committed to have this urgently addressed with their Environmental Management team so as to eradicate this entirely. We are awaiting their proposal and intervention and will drive this to an amicable solution for everyone.
Please rest assured these matters are receiving our utmost attention and we will ensure every step is taken to continually hold CoT accountable for delivery of the required services.
We have already witnessed a team of road workers today repairing potholes in the estate. A first positive step to what we believe will restore our beautiful estate infrastructure and surrounds.
We will keep you updated on our progress.

Kind Regards

Alan Hargroves

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