Golf Newsletter February 2024

Woodhill Country Club Golf Newsletter

Golf Joke of the Month

– An interesting fact about golf is that no matter how badly you play, it’s always possible to get worse.

– Golf is a game invented to punish people who retire early.



As 2024 gains momentum and we bid farewell to January, anticipation builds for a remarkable year ahead. The introduction of new offerings such as Padel holds the promise of invigorating our Clubhouse atmosphere and attracting increased support. We eagerly anticipate a year filled with vibrant activities and sportsmanship at Woodhill.

Additionally, we wish to underscore the importance of upholding our clubhouse and golf course dress code standards. In recent times, there has been a noticeable relaxation in golf etiquette compared to previous years. While fostering a welcoming atmosphere, it also heightens the risk of disregarding our established cultural norms and standards, which undermines the cherished culture and standards of Woodhill. Henceforth, we will be strictly enforcing our dress code policies. Golfers found in attire incongruent with our course standards, will be kindly requested to make appropriate changes. Thank you for your cooperation in preserving the integrity of the Woodhill experience!

The first league matches commenced at the end of January. We extend our best wishes to the teams representing Woodhill in both the Senior Handicap League and Men’s Handicap League. Additionally, we extend an invitation to any prospective new members interested in joining the leagues to visit Woodhill Pro Shop and submit their details.
Registration is now open for the Club Championships!
Due to the increasing membership and popularity of member events, we’ve opted to divide the official event across two weekends.

Thank you CMH Ford Hatfield for generously taking up the main sponsor for the 2024 Club Championships.

  • Ladies & Junior Championships – 2 & 3 March 2024.
  • Men’s Championships – 16 & 17 March 2024, followed by the official prize giving on Sunday, 17 March 2024.


Upcoming Events

  • 12/02/2024 – Golf Course Vertidrained
  • 26/02/2024 – Ladies PGA Pro-Am
  • 02/03/2024 – Ladies & Junior Club Championships – Day 1
  • 03/03/2024 – Ladies & Junior Club Championships – Day 2
  • 07/03/2024 – Fio Foundation Golf Day
  • 10/03/2024 – GNGU All Amateur Series
  • 14/03/2024 – Blue Bulls Golf Day
  • 16/03/2024 – Men’s Club Championships – Day 1
  • 17/03/2024 – Men’s Club Championships – Day 2
  • 17/03/2024 – Club Championships prize-giving Dinner.
  • 18/03/2024 – Development League



Woodhill Pro Shop

Summer SALE!!
Woodhill Pro Shop summer sale will take place from the 1st to the 31st of March 2024. This will be an ideal time for members to stock up on all the necessities for Club Championship week as well as some new wardrobes for the tale end of the summer season.
  • Srixon & PXG Golf balls.
  • Srixon & Adidas gloves.
  • Adidas & Callaway Caps.
  • Adidas, Bea Active & Callaway towels.
  • Travel covers & golf bags.


Craziest moments from 2023 on the PGA TOUR


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