Golf Newsletter March 2024

Woodhill Country Club Golf Newsletter


Golf Joke of the Month

Golf balls are like eggs. They’re white, sold by the dozen, and a week later you have to buy some more.


New chapter for Woodhill!

The financial year has officially ended and we look forward to another fantastic year of golf at Woodhill. The club managed to rake in 39 760 rounds of golf this past year, exceeding the set out budget by 1760 rounds. The club is also nearing the 1000 members mark, something that has also never been done before. With this promising data we are positive that the year to come will be just as fruitful.

Next top 100 courses rating is scheduled to take place on 15 March 2024.

If you have been out on the course the last two weeks, you would have noticed that all hands are on deck cleaning up & sodding to bettering the overall experience. Green keeping has also decided to laser level tee-boxes on holes 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 12, 13, 14, 15, and 16 that have become rounded over the years. Clean up of the 9th and 18th hole dam is also on the cards and will commence after the annual Club Championships.

Replacement of all the 150m marker poles as well as the par three distance to pin marker stands will all be replaced with new poles manufactured from the same material as the new tee-box information boards. Green keeping staff is working hard to get the pump that feeds to the stream behind the 9th green back in working order, this feature has been down for quite some time, and we look forward to having that natural feature up and running again.

News From The Handicapper.

Dear Woodhill Member,

This month, we share some detail of the upcoming changes to the HNA system, which are scheduled to go live on 1 March. These changes, form part of 2024 World Handicap System™ Rules of Handicapping. 

From 1 March 2024, the HNA system will use an “expected score” formula to take nine-hole scores and convert them to an 18-hole adjusted gross score, and it will also be used for an 18-hole round, where holes were not completed.  

How will the new formula work? 
By using the data gathered from millions of scores, a scoring formula has been developed, by the World Handicap System technical team, to give a score which a player is expected to achieve over a specified number of holes on a course of standard difficulty. 
The expected score is calculated by using the player’s Handicap Index®, and the formula attributes a numerical value against any hole or holes not played during a round.

How will incomplete rounds be treated?
Previously, when a player had only completed 10 to 13 holes, the system applied net pars plus one additional stroke to the completed holes to give an 18-hole adjusted gross score, and when between 14-17 holes were played before stopping, then par plus any handicap strokes were used for the remaining holes, in order to allow an 18-hole score to be posted.
To facilitate this change, when players complete between 10 and 17 holes, they are required to enter their scores for the holes they have played, by selecting the hole-by-hole option on the app or system, and then by selecting ‘not played’ for the holes not completed. 

The system will then automatically calculate the expected scores for the holes that were not played, and post an 18-hole adjusted gross score to the players’ scoring records.

Phone App hole-by-hole score entry: By pressing repeatedly on the minus icon in the middle section showing the hole’s par, the system will bring up the ‘Not Played’ option for holes not completed. This can be repeated for the rest of the round’s unplayed holes. 

9 Hole Score Entry 

There is no change to how a 9-hole score is submitted on the system, so players should continue to follow the same steps, as they did previously, when recording a 9-hole score. 

What are the benefits of this change?

The calculation of an expected score, for both 9-hole scores and any incomplete rounds, will now be more accurate and based on the player’s Handicap Index rather than on just par plus strokes. The change allows more flexibility in terms of posting scores, and generates a more accurate adjusted gross score. 

An added benefit is that players will also see more equity and consistency, since the expected score is not course-specific, or reliant upon the course’s stroke index allocation. 

Note: Net par is still available for limited use where practical, and at the discretion of the club’s handicap or competition committee, however where possible, the expected score should be used as the default position for holes not played, and hole by hole scores entered for the completed holes.

Upcoming Events March & April – 2024

  • 02/03/2024 – Ladies & Junior Club Championships – Day 1
  • 03/03/2024 – Ladies & Junior Club Championships – Day 2
  • 07/03/2024 – Fio Foundation Golf Day
  • 10/03/2024 – GNGU All Amateur Series
  • 16/03/2024 – Men’s Club Championships – Day 1
  • 17/03/2024 – Men’s Club Championships – Day 2
  • 17/03/2024 – Club Championships Prize giving Dinner.
  • 18/03/2024 – Development League
  • 02/04/2024 – Drifters group
  • 08/04/2024 – PGA SA Ladies Pro-Am
  • 11/04/2024 – Blue Bulls golf day
  • 14/04/2024 – GNGU Junior event
  • 17/04/2024 – Garsfontein Highschool golf day
  • 18/04/2024 – Learskool Constantia Park golf day
  • 26/04/2024 – CSIR golf day

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