Green Condition

Dear Woodhill Member

We sincerely apologise for the current state of our greens. The recent Club Championships, while successful, unfortunately coincided with extreme heat rather than our typical rainfall. Consequently, our greens have been under considerable stress, leading to their current poor condition.
To address this issue, we have implemented a detailed programme aimed at swiftly improving the greens. This programme includes a proactive approach to fertilization, utilising both liquid and granular applications. Additionally, we are collaborating closely with our turf grass consultant to determine the most effective practices and any further steps required to repair the damage. Although we have already observed some new growth, our programme is designed to expedite the much-needed recovery process. During this period, the greens may exhibit reduced speed as we prioritise stimulating sufficient growth and coverage.
We kindly request your patience over the coming month as we dedicate ourselves tirelessly to restoring the exceptional standard that we are all accustomed to. Please rest assured that this matter is receiving our utmost attention.
Once again, we extend our sincere apologies and appreciate your understanding and ongoing support.

Woodhill Management

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