Update on Progress on the Golf Course

Dear Valued Woodhill Member,

We are delighted to provide you with an update on the ongoing efforts to enhance the quality of our golf course:

  • On Monday, the team thoroughly dusted the greens to address any imperfections and promote healthy growth.
  • Top dressing and fertilisation of tees are scheduled for implementation.
  • Continuous pruning of trees throughout the course is underway.
  • Efforts to tidy the gardens on holes 1 and 10 are ongoing.
  • Irrigation activities have resumed on tees, fairways, and selected greens, with a focus on controlled hand-watering for precise moisture management.
  • Brush cutting and edging, particularly along banks and dams, will be conducted more frequently to maintain a polished appearance.
  • Following the dusting process, we applied a wetting agent to facilitate deeper root zone hydration, along with and insecticide application.
  • Successful germination of seeds has been observed and a fungicide has been applied to safeguard against pythium root rot.
  • Installation of new bottom blades on the green’s mower aims to enhance cutting precision.
  • Continued spiking and seeding efforts are targeting problem areas for improvement.
  • A strategic tree removal behind the 4th green aims to increase afternoon sunlight exposure and improve airflow.
  • Weed removal and reseeding of rye grass are underway on the left side of the 2nd green.
  • Removal of yellow ropes across larger areas has been completed, with only those in front of greens remaining.

Additionally, our focus for the upcoming week includes:

  • Application of a potassium-based fertiliser on the greens to promote root development (subject to electricity availability).
  • Further dusting to address any remaining imperfections (subject to electricity availability).
  • Commencement of concrete / paving work adjacent to the 1st and 10th tees.
  • Attention to water spouts on all trees by dedicated team members, aiming for heightened precision and detail.
  • Continued tree pruning activities.
  • Replacement of electricity infrastructure for the borehole supplying water to the 9th waterhole.
  • Regular edging of cart paths every Monday morning until the end of the growing season.
  • Targeted removal of Kikuyu in greens, along with mark repairs, scheduled for Mondays.

Overall, we are pleased to note significant improvements in the condition of the golf course. We kindly request all golfers to uphold their responsibility and contribution towards the course’s quality by promptly attending to pitch marks, filling divots with sand and properly raking bunkers.
Your cooperation in maintaining our course’s excellence is greatly appreciated.

Best Regards,

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