Golf Course Report

Dear Woodhill Member,

As we diligently strive to enhance the overall experience for our members and guests, we are committed to keep our valued members informed and updated on the progress of ongoing initiatives and improvements taking place across the golf course.

Herewith an update on the most recent activities:

Significant progress has been made in the recovery of the greens through sustained efforts by the team, involving spiking and seeding. Emphasis has been placed on achieving a perfect quality of cut to ensure a flat, smooth surface. With the onset of winter, greens are now being mown in the afternoon rather than the morning.

Recent upgrades include the replacement of both low-pressure and high-pressure filters, along with enhancements to the flushing system. It was discovered that the low-pressure side was not operating at optimal pressure, resulting in insufficient water distribution when required. This issue has been addressed, and we anticipate noticeable improvements by the summer season. Furthermore, dredging of the dam is scheduled for winter to remove silt and rocks, increasing its capacity by 8 million Liters in preparation for the rainy season.

Ongoing efforts to enhance the course’s aesthetics include continued clean-up of the gardens, with particular focus on areas such as holes 1 and 10. The waterway on hole 9 is undergoing cleaning, with a new edge being formed. Additionally, the borehole supplying this waterway has been replaced, and a new trench has been dug for a power cable, expected to be operational within the next week. Progress is also being made on edging the cart paths to ensure a tidy appearance, while tees are being patched in areas where growth has been minimal or non-existent.

The fleet is currently undergoing its annual major servicing, with any issues being addressed prior to the commencement of spring treatment. This proactive approach ensures optimal performance from the machinery once the growing season starts.

We are excited about the progress and look forward to sharing further updates on our ongoing efforts soon.

Thank you for your continued support!

Best Regards,

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