Communication - Clubhouse Roof Repairs

Dear Residents, Members

We’re excited to inform you that we will finally be starting the much-anticipated project to seal and repair the clubhouse roof on Monday, 1 July 2024.  This initiative includes removing all tiles, installing new waterproofing throughout the entire roof, and replacing broken tiles.
The project is expected to span approximately 8 weeks, with completion anticipated by the first week of September 2024. We have carefully planned the work in phases to ensure minimal disruption to your daily activities. Rest assured, business operations will continue as usual without any impact from repairs. During this project, we kindly ask for your cooperation as parking areas in front of the clubhouse will be temporarily cordoned off. To minimise inconvenience, we have scheduled the work to avoid golf days and events.
Thank you for your patience and understanding as we enhance our facilities. We look forward to completing this project smoothly and improving our clubhouse for everyone’s enjoyment.

Best Regards

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