News update from the golf course!

Dear Residents & Members

News update from the golf course!

The borehole on the 9th hole is up and running smoothly. It’s already pumping water into a small-scale veld dam, and soon will begin flowing down the little creek behind the 9th green, filling up our beautiful dam. Patience is key as this process unfolds, but we’re excited about the progress and transformation.
Additionally, the team recently completed widening and cleaning the creek, giving it a sharp new look. We can’t wait to see the water start flowing again.
The tee box from hole 12 that plays onto the 9th fairway has also been opened and refurbished. This enhancement allows us to host special Club competitions like Spirit Cup, Founder’s Day, and the lively Hillbillies vs Vleipaddas.

Furthermore, our team is hard at work with a general cleanup effort, ensuring every corner of the course is pristine. These initiatives contribute to improving the golfing experience, covering everything from course maintenance to overall enjoyment.

We appreciate your continued support and enthusiasm and look forward to bringing you another update soon!

Best Regards,
Woodhill Management

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